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  COVID-19 Announcement

We are excited to announce the Eldorado Backcountry Ski Patrol will be serving the Eldorado National Forest this 2020/2021 Season. We will continue to do our part not to spread the COVID-19 virus and keep our patrollers and members safe. With the hard work and dedication of a core group of members forming a COVID-19 Task Force, we've created a COVID-19 operational plan that will be followed by all members who wish to participate in organized activities. The 
plan limits the number of resources dedicated to patrolling, trail work, education, and training events. We are following the guidance set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, the Eldorado National Forest, and the counties in which we conduct our operations.  This includes but is not limited to physical distancing of 6 feet or greater, wearing a mask and eye protection when this is not possible, restricted access to enclosed areas such as buildings and vehicles, practicing proper sanitation and hygiene, as well as training around COVID-19 transmission, protection, and limited medical care. As new information becomes available and our situation changes, we will update this posting.  
Please stay safe and stay well.


We are a volunteer backcountry ski and snowshoe patrol associated with the Eldorado National Forest.  Our members come from many different backgrounds and experiences.  However, we all share a love of the outdoors and of skiing and snowshoeing.  We work together to assist the public by marking and maintaining trails, patrolling backcountry areas and providing winter-safety educational programs to the public.  We train our members to become qualified patrollers, who are ready to help the public when the need arises.  We pride ourselves in being a professional organization serving the public with our skills, and sharing our love of the winter environment.

We welcome new members! If you have any questions about joining, contact us at

The Eldorado Backcountry Ski Patrol is incorporated as a nonprofit 501c3 organization.  We operate under a volunteer agreement with the 
U.S. Forest Service.