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The Eldorado Backcountry Ski Patrol, formerly the El Dorado Nordic Ski Patrol, owes a great deal to Rudy Stauffer. The original Ski Patrol, formed in 1982, was organized with the encouragement and guidance of Rudy.

Rudy was born and raised in Switzerland and has been skiing and working within the ski industry for most of his life. He moved to California, where he operated a ski touring center in Yosemite and helped establish a downhill ski program for school children.

Rudy's skill and knowledge helped all of the early members get a good start on the training and gain an understanding of what it takes to organize a volunteer Winter Search and Rescue Organization. There is still a lot of work left to be done, but the EDNSP has come a long way from its original 13 members.

Original members:  David Bakke, Carol Bonser, Dave Buel, Roger Chappell, Karen Kessler, Nancy O'Brien, Ron Parker, Mike Peart, Rich Platt, Mark Stanley, Robin Stanley, Rudy Stauffer, and John Van Sant.
The Ski Patrol in 1984: