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Loon Lake WinterFest Jan 25-26, 2020. Open to all.
Come enjoy the winter outdoors with free guided ski/snowshoe trail tours, ski/snowshoe safety & skills activities, CHP helicopter rescue and general camaraderie with the EBSP at the Loon Lake Chalet.


EBSP's Avalanche Awareness class will be held on Feb. 22-23, 2020. Currently the class is full. Click here for more information and sign up on the wait list.


     Current conditions:   Sierra Avalanche Center Hwy 50 Hwy 88 Loon Lake Carson Pass


We are a volunteer backcountry ski and snowshoe patrol associated with the Eldorado National Forest.  Our members come from many different backgrounds and experiences.  However, we all share a love of the outdoors and of skiing and snowshoeing.  We work together to assist the public by marking and maintaining trails, patrolling backcountry areas and providing winter-safety educational programs to the public.  We train our members to become qualified patrollers, who are ready to help the public when the need arises.  We pride ourselves in being a professional organization serving the public with our skills, and sharing our love of the winter environment.

We welcome new members! If you have any questions about joining, contact us at

The Eldorado Backcountry Ski Patrol is incorporated as a nonprofit 501c3 organization.  We operate under a volunteer agreement with the 
U.S. Forest Service.