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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
2018-03-10 Edelwisse Peak Patrol - Andrew Wirkus
5 photos - updated 3/11/2018
Second day of the avalanche class is in the field, one of the modules is finding a dummy buried in snow using beacons, probe & shovels
Finding Trixie! Avy Field Day recovery - Mike Dooley
9 photos - updated 3/9/2018
Ski Skills day at Kirkwood - Barry Calfee
1 photos - updated 2/10/2018
Hosting the Public at Loon Lake
Loon Lake Chalet Open House 2018 - Barry Calfee
13 photos - updated 1/31/2018
Summer fun on former snow!  EDNSP rafts on the American River
Rafting South Fork American Aug 13 2017 - Mike Dooley
5 photos - updated 8/17/2017
Retrieving blue diamond poles - Wendy Wyels
15 photos - updated 5/27/2017
Robb's Hut Feb 24, 2017 - Mickey Kaiserman
10 photos - updated 2/28/2017
Photos by Jeff Hunt, KJ6NKR.
2017-02-23 Carson Pass Information Station Solar Panels - George Doty
6 photos - updated 2/24/2017
2017-01-26 Carson Pass Information Station - George Doty
23 photos - updated 1/27/2017
Map & Compass Class 2010
18 photos - updated 1/27/2017
Loon Open House, Carson Pass, Sayles Canyon, 2012 - Wendy Wyels
20 photos - updated 1/27/2017
Loon Open House 2016 - Monte Hendricks
5 photos - updated 1/27/2017
2012 Avy Class - David Thesell
17 photos - updated 1/27/2017
2012 Avalanche Class - Rich Platt
16 photos - updated 1/27/2017
Our February 2011 Open Ski & Snowshoe Trip at Carson Pass
Carson Pass Open Ski
24 photos - updated 1/27/2017
Thanksgiving at Loon Lake 2016 - Wendy Wyels
10 photos - updated 12/3/2016
Ted invited Julie & me on a Patrol
Carson Pass 10 April 2016 - Monte Hendricks
25 photos - updated 4/11/2016
Patrol from Hwy 50 at Sierra at Tahoe to Talking Mountain Ridge and back to car. Participants: Ted Lenzie (leader), Christine Jaw, Kevin Nesbitt, Wayne E. Stiefvater
2016-03-26 Talking Mountain Ridge - Wayne E Stiefvater
28 photos - updated 3/28/2016
While not a patrol it was an epic ski adventure
Donner to Squaw Valley Tour - Theadore L Lenzie
54 photos - updated 3/28/2016
Diamonds and Signs
Little Shorty Work Day - Barry Calfee
5 photos - updated 3/22/2016
Sierra at Tahoe to Little Round Top 3/19/2016
Little Round Top - Barry Calfee
8 photos - updated 3/22/2016
This was Rob's lead of the Open Ski and Snowshoe
March 12 Open Ski and Snowshoe - Theadore L Lenzie
22 photos - updated 3/12/2016
10 mile loop from Loon Lake to Shadow Lake going east of 7556 to the south side of Brown Mtn. and intersecting with the Orion Trail
Shadow Lake Loop Ski - Monte Hendricks
24 photos - updated 2/29/2016
Julie & my ski of the Orion Trail on the afternoon of Sunday the tenth
Orion Trail Jan 10, 2016 - Monte Hendricks
5 photos - updated 1/11/2016
Ski patrol to Ralston Peak. Participants: Leader Ted Lenzie, Andrew Wirkus, Wayne E. Stiefvater
2015-12-26 Ralston Peak (9,235 ft - Wayne E Stiefvater
15 photos - updated 12/29/2015
Some members of the ski patrol took the 3 day AIARE 1 class and became certified. During the field session we came upon a stuck vehicle at Echo Lake.
AiARE 1 Class and Vehicle Rescue - Theadore L Lenzie
44 photos - updated 12/14/2015
A snowshoer tripped and sprained her ankle at Lake Winnemucca, close to where we were camped. The leader of the group of first-time snowshoers asked us for assistance, unaware of his good fortune.
2015-03-28 Injured snowshoer, helicopter evacuation - Wayne E Stiefvater
29 photos - updated 4/4/2015
The Mountain Travel training component of this two-day event was cancelled due to a medical emergency. Participants included Ted & Sheryl Lenzie, David Thesell, Wayne E. Stiefvater.
2015-03-28 & 29 Winter Overnight - Wayne E Stiefvater
45 photos - updated 4/4/2015
Patrol on SKIS to Winnemucca Lake; we had a great run down one drainage, climbed back up, and skied down an adjacent drainage, then on to Woods Lake and back up to the parking lot at Carson Pass.
2015-02-07 Winnemucca & Woods Lakes - Wayne E Stiefvater
10 photos - updated 2/10/2015
50 Years Wilderness
50 Years Wilderness - Mickey Kaiserman
1 photos - updated 1/8/2014